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At a recent campaign rally in Miami, Barack Obama was interrupted several times by hecklers. He was very cool about it, never becoming upset or angry, and, as he addressed the protesters, the crowd chanted "Obama, Obama, Obama" over and over.

I don't recall him encouraging any of his followers to "Get 'em outta here," or to assault them in any way and he'd take care of their legal bills.

Can you imagine how crazy one would have to be to go into a Trump rally and shout out anti-Trump anything? I call to mind a March 2016 Trump campaign rally in North Carolina where an African-American man was walking up the steps to leave the arena, when a cowardly white guy blindsided him with a fist to the head.

That same month, his then-campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged with assaulting a reporter after a press conference (later dismissed). The irony here is that the reporter was from Breitbart News, whence came Steve Bannon.

No, Donald Trump doesn't inspire violence. And the Democrats are an "angry mob."

Jake Jacobi, Lincoln

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