Letter, 1/12: Wrong way to do right thing

Letter, 1/12: Wrong way to do right thing

Impeachment Rally

Protesters gather at a rally for the impeachment of President Donald Trump Tuesday at the Robert V. Denney Federal Building. 

I don't like seeing America divided in the face of an international challenge. That Iranian general Trump had killed was certainly our enemy, out to do us as much harm as he could, and his removal benefits us in important ways.

If we had simply reported he'd entered the fight and become a casualty, we would not be facing the domestic and international criticism and tensions that have arisen now. I suppose there were also accepted hidden protocols or niceties about killing VIPs when I was a private to lieutenant in '52-'53 in Korea, as a major in '64-'65 in Vietnam or at the Pentagon '66-'68.

But Trump, lacking the intellect or the temperament for his office, had to have his "bin Laden" moment at the podium announcing he'd personally brought the execution about.

Losing a loved one or a champion in battle is one thing, but seeing an individual enemy posture and boast about the killing is quite another, certain to stir deepest passions. By also trampling customary U.S. internal government briefings and notifications, Trump further ensured maximum domestic dissent.

Worldwide, everyone holds his or her breath as Trump stumbles from one possible disastrous scene to the next, each time taking a bow before the faithful that we'd at least temporarily avoided something on the scale of World War III. We desperately need stable, careful, rational, thoughtful and accountable leadership, before Trump and Putin take us off the map.

Tom deShazo, Lincoln



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