State Capitol

The Nebraska State Capitol dominates the vistas from several locations in Lincoln, including looking west from 28th and J streets.

Let us always raise taxes on the poor because the rich need their money more.

Is that not the premise behind the choice to looking to sales tax rather than income tax for revenue to replace property tax?

There are three basic and productive sources of revenue: sales tax, property tax and income tax.

Sales tax is always the most regressive because the lower incomes pay the highest share of their income for taxes. Property taxes are often a measure of a wealth, but they frequently have little relationship with net worth, when the title owner of real estate has large debts and the lender is the wealthy one.

Corporations pay insignificant amounts of, if any sales tax, but would benefit with property tax relief. Sales tax replacement for property tax is a very generous gift to the most profitable corporations.

According to Josh Funk of the Associated Press, Berkshire Hathaway reported $4 billion in profit last year ("Buffett encourages investors to bet on US economy," Feb. 24). Only 4 percent of income tax on $4 billion would produce $160 million in revenue.

The wealth is available to give true relief to property tax problems without hurting anyone. Farmers desperately need property tax relief. Many others also need property tax relief.

If the Legislature and governor cannot grant relief, a petition drive to replace the property tax with income tax for K-12 education might be a success in lasting relief with accountability.

George "Bill" Burrows, Adams

Former state senator

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