Letter, 5/2: Website distorts, demeans Lamm's past

Letter, 5/2: Website distorts, demeans Lamm's past


It’s wrong that left-leaning Facebook forums don’t check the facts before posting propaganda because a fake website about Cyndi Lamm has served as a catalyst for horrendous ridicule and attacks of her on social media.

One of the lies perpetuated is that Cyndi spoke at an anti-LGBT rally on behalf of the Nebraska Family Council in 2006. I’ve known Cyndi for years, and this characterization is false on three fronts:

* In 2006, Cyndi held a job that prevented her from having an election yard sign, let alone attending a political rally.

* Cyndi never spoke on behalf of the Nebraska Family Council.

* Whenever Cyndi has been involved in political discourse, she has never displayed hatred toward anyone. The Nebraska Family Council never engaged in hatred, either, for that matter -- and, to the best of my knowledge, a rally never took place in 2006.

Cyndi is one of the most compassionate people I know and seeing her portrayed as a hate-monger because she opposed extending nondiscrimination status to persons based on sexual orientation is wrong. Cyndi has friends and clients who are from the LGBT community, and she believes in equal protection under the law.

I am voting for Cyndi Lamm on May 7 because she’s got the integrity, intelligence, and experience to lead our city forward as mayor. Unlike her opponent who has remained silent as her colleague has been attacked, Cyndi is a relational leader who would denounce lies being promulgated about anyone.

Darlene Moore, Lincoln


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