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Shooting Synagogue Funerals

Students from the Yeshiva School in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh stand outside Beth Shalom Synagogue after attending the funeral service on Wednesday for Joyce Fienberg in Pittsburgh. Fienberg, 75, was one of the 11 people killed in a shooting rampage Saturday at the Tree of Life synagogue.

When we stop looking backward at God and sin through the book of Leviticus but look forward through the prophets, the Psalms and Jesus.

When we trade up rejection and no mercy for acceptance to show mercy; when we morph from seeing the other into seeing one another.

When we go to the Bible to seek and find direction, not to hide and hurl insults at those seeking recognition.

When we end prejudice and definitions set in stone, then we will celebrate fairness in the protection of work, church, synagogue and home.

Richard D. Turner, Lincoln

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