The remnants of wildfires in Canada left Memorial Stadium and the Nebraska State Capitol in a haze Tuesday, June 30, 2015, as seen from the Adams Street overpass at I-180.

In reading Alvin Guenther’s recent letter ("All y’all might be liberals if ..." Jan. 31). It is evident Mr. Guenther is a person of higher than normal intellect and feels strongly of his well-thought-out political views.

In light of these qualities, it is disappointing that he perpetuates the very thing that is driving the ideological wedge between us all.

By painting all of those who would seemingly disagree with his examples as not simply “the other," but also heartless, non-critical thinking, bigoted, climate-change-denying, white, Christian others, he needlessly incites those whose heart he will never reach. Is that his true goal?

I have no doubt he feels this way and is obviously losing his faith in his fellow Nebraskans. I would also say a person of his intellect, passion and influence could do better.

To perpetuate this broad brush identity politics brand of baiting is beneath him, as well as the rest of us. It’s far too easy. The junk food of the smug.

Perhaps it’s time to allow for the possibility that each policy, person, idea or institution has nuance. That we need conversation not drive by indictment. Mr. Guenther is not alone in his anger and frustrations, but nobody’s mind is opened to change by more of this passive-aggressive writing.

David Lauer, Lincoln

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