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Election Day preparations

Ballot boxes for polling places at the Lancaster County Election Commissioner's Office. 

I am a lifelong Nebraskan. Here in the heartland, I've been blessed with 90 plus years of a life filled with good friends from both political parties who hold diverse life perspectives. I consider myself a moderate.

I have always felt patriotic about our beautiful country. My teenage years were filled with writing letters to my small-town friends and 10 cousins who served in World War II. For some of my professional days, I was staff support in the Nebraska Legislature. Part of my retirement was spent working with my husband to educate Czech mayors about the democratic process in a newly liberated Czechoslovakia.

Throughout my long life, I have voted in every election because I love our country. And now, I'm deeply concerned. I'm concerned about our democracy -- and that our majority party leaders in Congress are turning a blind eye to attacks on the very institutions that make this country truly great.

I've seen tanks roll into my beloved city of Prague, and I do not want the same to happen here, in the form of paid digital agitators. I want my great-grandchildren -- I am blessed with three and counting -- to inherit a country I know to be good, just and free.

I pledge to work and vote for candidates in our May 15 primary and Nov. 6 midterm elections who will stand for highest democratic ideals. I urge you to do the same.

Eleanor Hamersky, Lincoln


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