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I am voting for Dennis Crawford. Congress passed a $1.5 trillion tax bill, which all of our current congressional representatives voted for. This increased our national debt.

This money went to those who are already rich. Average citizens will realize very few if any benefits from it. However, it will need to be paid for, and it will be the average person who will be doing that.

Recently there has been talk of tapping into Social Security for different programs -- e.g. sick leave, maternity leave, etc. This scares me. Our Social Security program was enacted to keep older people out of poverty . It is paid into on a regular basis by the participants and employers, and it should not be used as a piggy bank for other program.

We need someone with common sense to represent us, and Dennis Crawford is that person. He will work to protect Social Security. He understands what it is like to live on a budget and understands the need for affordable health care for everyone.

The economy of Nebraska is built on agriculture, and it is important this be protected. We should not be at the mercy of those who cannot look down the road far enough to see it requires planning. Trade agreements are important and should not be determined on a whim.

Dennis Crawford is intelligent, has integrity and common sense and is truly in touch with the people in Nebraska's 1st Congressional District.

Carolyn Eberly, Lincoln


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