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UNL classes begin

University of Nebraska-Lincoln students head to classes on the first day of the fall semester.

Three state senators have taken it upon themselves to try to force the University of Nebraska to bow to their political ideologies. These senators are ultra-conservative and would like to see all of the faculty and staff push this ideology onto their students.

Our institutions of higher learning have been — and should always be — about helping students to grow and learn and not be forced to follow a certain belief simply because of political pressure. The political agenda of the senators is unacceptable, and I, for one, am appalled at their actions.

The senators have forgotten what free speech is and have gotten one graduate student fired. They have now done an open-records request to get all emails and correspondence that may not follow their far-right agenda.

Maybe when the senators went to school, they didn't learn about McCarthyism. Their actions are reprehensible and should be stopped. They should be held accountable for what they're doing and relieved of their positions.

The students who attend the University of Nebraska should be free to be taught by qualified faculty, which they are, and not be worried about speaking their mind, developing their own beliefs or following the truth — wherever that might lead whether or not it lines up with the senators' beliefs.

We cannot allow our faculty and staff at UNL to be harassed, coerced and bullied. Shame on you, senators: We will fight back.

Deanne Henke, Lincoln


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