Snow, 10/14

The Nebraska State Capitol provides a backdrop as snow falls on Sunday, Oct. 14.

This legislative session, Lincoln Sen. Adam Morfeld proposed LB58, a “red flag" bill, which would allow law enforcement to remove guns from the households of Nebraska citizens who have been declared “a threat to themselves or others” in a court of law.

As a University of Nebraska-Lincoln student, I am in a class that requires some form of social intervention or activism project. For our project, my group went to the hearing for LB58 and testified on Sen. Morfeld’s bill.

Upon arriving at the Capitol, we were greeted, ushered into the chamber and given the opportunity to fill out one of two forms: one if we plan to testify and one if we just want to make our opinion known in writing. The process was surprisingly easy and many people came to express their feelings for or against LB58.

When it was my time to speak, I was asked, as was everyone, to state and spell my name and keep my testimony under three minutes. The senators then listened and had the opportunity to ask questions but rarely do.

The senators present were especially impressed that we UNL students had come to testify. The unicameral Legislature in Nebraska is designed to allow the citizens to serve as the second house, so senators must pay close attention to the feelings of those they represent.

I testified and I encourage you all to do the same. The process is simple, your input is valued, and you can make a difference.

Gillian Allison, Lincoln

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