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Letter: Trump's disfavor elevates Bacon

Letter: Trump's disfavor elevates Bacon

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Trump Rally

Former President Donald Trump speaks Sept. 25 during his Save America rally in Perry, Ga. A resurgent GOP is poised to reclaim one, if not both, chambers of Congress in 2022.

A recent article entitled “Trump invites a GOP challenge to Bacon,” (Jan. 5), quotes Donald Trump as saying, “Saving America starts by saving the GOP from RINOs, sellouts and known losers."

By RINO (Republican in name only), he apparently means anyone who does not toe the GOP party line. Evidently, dissent is not welcome in his accounting. This attitude both guarantees and enforces ignorance.

By “sellouts,” I assume he means anyone who respects and accommodates the views of others who have different life experiences. This shows he does not understand or appreciate his own limitations, which is another example of his vaulting arrogance (“Only I can fix it”).

And evidently, “known losers” are those he can beat up with impunity, which once again demonstrates he is a bully who tries to intimidate or destroy all who stand in his way.

Contrast this with the character of Jesus Christ, who took on himself the “form of a servant,” and “dwelt among us ... full of grace and truth.” Humility, grace and truth versus arrogance, intimidation and ignorance. The contrast could not be greater.

As a Republican and as a Christian, I reject Donald Trump based on his character, regardless of his policies. His own words condemn him, and his leadership has taken us down a very dark path, as his character dictates.

Congratulations to Don Bacon, who evidently took one or more positions that displeased Trump. I hope he wears that displeasure as a badge of honor. I wish more politicians would do the same more often.

Dayle McDermitt, Lincoln



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