Letter, 5/8: Trump tax returns don't interest me

Letter, 5/8: Trump tax returns don't interest me


Spare me the controversy over President Trump's tax returns. There are many reasons why I am not interested. Here are use a few:

* I don't understand the tax code, and I don't think anyone else does, either. Certified public accountants and tax attorneys argue over provisions in the code constantly. There are tax courts to help settle disputes.

* The tax code that nobody understands is constantly changing, adding more confusion.

* President Trump has a highly complicated tax return, partly because of his extensive real estate holdings. I'll bet he has a team of tax lawyers and CPAs who try to keep him on track -- and they probably have disagreements about what can and can't be done.

* President Trump has holdings in foreign countries. Do we understand all their laws? I doubt it. How do those properties figure into Trump's bottom line and tax consequences?

So, if you want to be believe what a politician or any "expert" says about his tax report conclusions, you are welcome to do so. As for me, my response will be "... interesting."

Then, I'll change the subject

Bill North, Lincoln



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