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Trump Government Shutdown

President Donald Trump speaks Sunday on the South Lawn of the White House as he walks to Marine One in Washington. Trump was en route to Camp David.

Donald Trump said "17,000 criminals" were caught at the border. Last week, "a minimum of 500" gang members were in the caravan of immigrant hopefuls at our border. Trump said "millions" voted illegally in California, and he (alone) saw hundreds of Muslims in the U.S. celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Trump said trade wars are fun and easy to win, Mexico will pay for the wall and climate change is a Chinese hoax. He said he'd release his tax forms when the audit was completed (years ago), and he said "our generals are a disaster" before packing his administration with them.

Trump said Hillary was a prisoner of Wall Street then stuffed his own Cabinet with Wall Street sleazes. He said Obama played too much golf and was not a U.S citizen. He called critics demented, low IQ, lying, "rigging" elections and corrupt. He said your mothers, wives and daughters cannot resist his crudest sexual groping.

Trump annulled your and my freedom of religion by stupidly declaring all Muslims unwelcome in the U.S. Trump bragged about making up phony trade deficit numbers to bluff the Canadian prime minister.

You can form your own opinion as to why GOP enablers stay behind him. Maybe Sen. Deb Fischer or another of our congressional delegation can explain freedom of religion when the leader selects acceptable religions or how much fun soybean farmers are having in Trump's trade war or federal workers in his government shutdown.

Tom deShazo, Lincoln

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