Anyone else notice no defense of Donald Trump's actions is offered by GOP allies, or even by Trump himself?

He cannot be defended on the merits of each new calamity because he's usually confessed to it or committed it in plain public view, so his "defense" can only be an attack on any and all critics as "unconstitutional," "disgraced," "hoax," "political hatchet job," etc.

No thoughtful, coherent, rational justification, argument or explanation is raised. It's kindergarten-level personal attack on the critic because they have no defense against the criticism itself.

I'm 92, and I can remember when political controversy was conducted in dignified debate, respectful of one's adversary, and even the general public knew that attacking the character of your opponent was an admission you could not come up with any reasonable response. You effectively and completely surrender.

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This is evident in a whistleblower's report of Trump's leaning on the president of Ukraine, clearly acknowledged by a White House release, to try to get Ukraine's support against Trump's likely election opponent. Trump has admitted it, the White House confirmed it and a second whistleblower has corroborated it. Trump even blatantly repeated the offense on TV, also offering China leverage in his administration.

GOP leaders whine the whistleblower must come before Congress so "Trump can face his accuser." For what purpose, other than to intimidate him/her and others? Trump can face his accusers in the House of Representatives or in a Senate trial.

He denied our former ambassador to Ukraine that same opportunity, when he removed her abruptly and without just cause, apparently only because he feared a responsible, honest, capable person in her position would not go along with his nefarious scheme to open our election process to other foreigners.

Tom deShazo, Lincoln

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