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"The evil men do lives after them." -- William Shakespeare

There are some who clamor for the impeachment of Donald Trump. That might create more problems than solutions.

We would then have Mike Pence as president, who might not be any better than Trump. Plus we would still be stuck with all the unqualified people in the Cabinet (Rick Perry, Betsy DeVos, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt, etc). We must realize Trump is just a figurehead.

People behind the scenes are pulling the strings. He himself is not capable of forming an original idea. He just signs whatever someone places in front of him.

The lasting evil this administration is foisting upon is the federal judges they are appointing -- including at least one who has been deemed unqualified by the American Bar Association, Leonard Stephen Grasz from Omaha. Of course both our senators voted to confirm him.

We will be saddled with these judges for years and years to come. A future president will be able to fix some of the damage this administration has done, but the federal courts will be in the hands of these appointees till they retire or die. You know Trump knows nothing about the qualifications of these men.

It might be possible to impeach him, but I fear the people behind the scenes are untouchable.

Earl Flittner, Waverly


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