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Letter: Time for Groene to go

Letter: Time for Groene to go

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Legislature 4.22

LINCOLN, NEB. - 04/22/2021 - Senator Mike Groene speaks during a legislative session debating LB408 held at the Nebraska State Capitol on Thursday, April 22, 2021. KENNETH FERRIERA, JOURNAL STAR

Sen. Mike Groene has made the news several times for his reliably odious comments. First, he was reported for comparing efforts to establish a statewide hotline designed to prevent self- and other-directed threats of violence “to the German Nazi paramilitary group known as the Brownshirts.”

FYI, the Brownshirts/”SA” were a violent militia that assaulted minorities, destroying people’s lives as well as property. They were supported by the Nazi government -- before morphing into the Blackshirts/”SS,” who became key to planning and implementing one of history’s largest wars and genocides.

(By the way, the Blackshirts’ logo included a skull like our fanwear, making those of us cringe who know about the association between words and images.)

Frankly, comparing efforts to prevent child suicides and bullying to state-sponsored terrorism is outrageous. Comparing efforts to prevent acts of mass violence like school shootings to an incursion of armed militias is so illogical that words simply fail.

Shortly thereafter, he reportedly lobbed blatantly racist slurs at a member of the general public, suggesting that mogul equals Mongol equals mongrel. To heap insult upon insult, he then blubbered in his defense that he considers himself a mongrel.

The tone-deafness is stunning and smacks of deeply engrained white privilege. These ignorant comments are unbefitting any elected official, never mind someone who until recently headed(!) the Education Committee. While I understand that he relishes his role as the resident curmudgeon, he needs to retire.

Here is a three-word equation for him: Groene=groan=gone.

Regina Werum, Lincoln



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