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Nebraska vs. Wisconsin, college football, 10.6.18

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost talks with the officials after a third-quarter play against Wisconsin at Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday in Madison, Wis.

Somebody please get this message to Scott Frost: He needs to quit blaming players for problems and look in the mirror for what's wrong.

Rushing four defenders doesn't work. It never will. Neither did Riley's standard three-man defensive front. Remember, this is the Big Ten, not Florida. Why don't you learn from the other teams?

On defense, Michigan was sending seven players after the quarterback. On offense, they generally kept additional blockers home. What was the score of that game? They were in our backfield immediately, and we never got to them once. Can't you see that? Other teams were the same.

Their quarterbacks have all day to throw, and offensive lines can put three men on one of ours, so RBs have giant holes to run through -- which they do, over and over.

Also, talk to the Big Ten to do something about the one-sided penalties.

You need to discipline yourself before worrying about your players. As long as you maintain your line schemes and your attitude, Nebraska will continue to lose!

Bob Riedel, Papillion

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