Uncle Sam Jam, 07.03.2018

LINCOLN, NEB. - 07/03/2018 - Fireworks light up the sky over Oak Lake Park to finish off the annual Uncle Sam Jam Independence Day celebration July 3, 2018. NICOLE NERI, Journal Star

After the recent remembrance of the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landing, the images of dead soldiers lying on the beaches and the stories of friends killed in battle told by Nebraskans who participated.

I hope all those who purchase fireworks remember those fireworks as an imitation of war. The pops, booms and flashes are meant to mimic the gunfire and bombs bursting in air of the battles fought for freedom.

I hope those shooting off fireworks understand there are veterans in any community suffering from the trauma of war, who hear the pops and booms and are transported back to the fighting, remembering the loss of life that comes with battle.

We all need to understand the price of freedom and understand the shooting of fireworks isn't an abstract expression of celebration; it's an imitation of war. We need to remember the pain and suffering of those who have served and sacrificed for our freedom. We need to remember the trauma of war.

And we also need to support the president in his battle with China by refusing to purchase fireworks made in China.

Roxanne E. Smith, Lincoln

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