While I am neither an Omaha resident nor a Republican party member, I am a life-long Nebraskan.

I appreciate that State Sen. John McCollister took a very public stand against the hate and fear mongering spewing forth from Trump (sorry, I can't call him my president) and his enablers. It is permeating American civic and societal discourse and actions, and in a very bad way.

Of course, I do believe that racism, protectionism, negativism and a whole host of other -isms have been part of the American fabric since our country’s inception. However, it wasn’t openly emanating from the office of the president, or a host of other elected officials who are supposed to be putting country (or state) before party and self.

Our own governor often falls into that category as well. But, that’s for another day.

My question: Why haven’t other state senators of the Republican persuasion, and especially our congressional delegation, spoken up? Does their silence equal complicity?

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Now, the Nebraska Republican Party says there is no room under their tent for different opinions and those with a more centrist view. Their "leave if you don’t like it" statement also sounds reminiscent of that coming from Trump and his cohorts.

This is not the Republican Party of Sen. McCollister’s father, nor mine. They would be appalled, as am I.

Thank you, Senator, for seeing something that is wrong and saying something — an important first step.

Cynthia Peterson, Lincoln

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