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Nebraska lethal injection

Journalists photograph the execution chamber at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in 2010 as officials offered a tour of the execution facility in the wake of its conversion to accommodate lethal injection.

The state of Texas has used lethal injection as its method of executing death row inmates since 1982. During this period of time, Texas has used legally obtained drugs in more than 400 executions.

Though difficulty in purchasing lethal injection drugs has forced Texas to reduce its three-drug cocktail to a single fatal dose, its execution protocol is swift and humane.

After 35 years of Texas using legal execution drugs, it is obvious to me that Nebraska Director of Corrections Scott Frakes should be communicating with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as to where they obtain these drugs, so that Nebraska will follow the lawful order of the judges who sentenced these men on death row to be executed according to the law.

Sadly, if Nebraska takes the men off death row and gives them life sentences, our own Board of Pardons or Parole Board could, in 15 or 20 years, find them rehabilitated and parole them. I personally know of one inmate who received two life sentences and was paroled 17 years later.

John Wheat Sr., Lincoln

Retired, Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

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