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Nebraska Budget

Nebraska Speaker of the Legislature Jim Scheer of Norfolk speaks during debate on the state budget. 

Comments from Speaker Jim Scheer ("Legislature nears tax meltdown," April 6) regarding a proposed tax relief ballot initiative were noteworthy.

“But that initiative proposal also represents 'a high-stakes gamble for agriculture,' the Norfolk senator suggested, because of the risk that 'no one will ever care anymore' about resolving the issue in the Legislature if voters reject substantial property tax relief.”

While I appreciate the speaker's efforts to bring about a legislative solution to property tax relief, I disagree with his assessment of the possible failure of the initiative petition proposal.

If it fails, it may simply mean voters are smart enough to know that a petition which addresses only one side of the equation (spending money on property tax relief) without addressing where the money comes from (new revenue or spending cuts) is not a fiscally responsible solution to high property taxes.

The fiscally responsible solution needs to come from the Legislature, where they can address both sides of the equation. Senators, there are fiscally responsible solutions on your table. Get to work and get it done!

Dave Welsch, Milford


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