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Backyard party photographed for a Nebraska State Patrol helicopter. 

This is in reply to the two recent large parties in the North Bottoms neighborhood.

First, I would like to thank the Lincoln Police Department for breaking up these events before anyone was injured at these out-of-control parties. Can you even imagine how crowded and disrespectful these events are?

I cannot even imagine how these landlords think it is OK to let their tenants re-rent these properties to minors to get intoxicated and cause loud music, yelling and very dangerous situations for themselves and all neighborhood residents.

There needs to be strict enforcement at these bad rentals and party houses; then, the renters and the landlords could both be fined, because the landlord has to have some incentive to motivate them to quit allowing these wild parties.

The party situation has been an on going problem for years in my neighborhood. I am glad and thankful that it has caught the attention of the police. It should also catch the university and their fraternities and sororities.

You cannot have drunken parties on campus, and we residents of the Historical North Bottoms Neighborhood do not want to live in fear and unrest because these people have no respect for us or our properties.

This has gotten totally out of hand.

Becky Schenaman, Lincoln


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