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Pending approval, Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent Steve Joel's salary for next year will jump to $376,794, including benefits. Just to be clear, this is Steve Joel, not Billy Joel.

His four-member executive team adds another $867,017, for a total of $1,243,811. Joel is the highest-paid superintendent in the state. LPS will tell you, "If you want the best and brightest, you have to pay for it."

Our state senators, who make the laws in Nebraska, have been paid $12,000 for decades. Every time a raise is on the ballot, it doesn't pass. I understand the feelings many have with our senators, but if LPS needs the best for it's students, don't we need to allow people a chance to run for legislature, without needing food stamps?

Mayor Chris Beutler makes $83,350, yet 135 city employees make more than $100,000. Gov. Pete Ricketts' salary is $105,000, yet 270 state employees make more than $100,000.

Why are we making millionaires in what we call public service jobs? This is why we typically have wealthy individuals running for political office.

At a time, when every state, county and city agency and department need money -- see the University of Nebraska -- maybe those that have need to pass their raise on to areas that have not.

David Kamprath, Lincoln


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