Fortenberry town hall

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry speaks at a town hall meeting Thursday at Lincoln North Star High School.

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry once again braved the elements as he held another town hall meeting, this time at Lincoln North Star High School on Aug. 1.

I’m always impressed with his patience and perseverance in dealing with hecklers and others who have apparently run out of patience. When people are insistent that Fortenberry should be taking President Trump to task, I wonder if they have been paying attention for the last couple years – nobody controls President Trump, not even his closest advisers.

The congressman remains steadfast in his commitment to the democratic process; he demonstrates a willingness to listen (a rarity in our society) and then attempts to respond in a forthright manner.

A little more tolerance (or at least civility) from the outspoken critics would seem a reasonable expectation.

Carl Sitzmann, Lincoln

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