Budget Deficit

The rising sun silhouettes the U.S. Capitol dome at daybreak in Washington. A new government report says that the U.S. budget hit nearly $208 billion in May.

Our recent foreign policy has promoted open, democratic governments. On a number of occasions, we have intervened when those governments are threatened by foreign or internal threats.

I have grave concerns regarding a country that is currently under threat.

Its leader is a prolific liar. He takes the word of an enemy, an enemy who attacked that country’s election, putting in doubt the legitimacy of that election.

He then disregards information supplied by true patriots, working for his own government, who risk their lives to provide it. An unusually large number of his staff have been convicted of criminal activity, and others may soon follow.

This country had been setting the example for the rest of the world to follow. Do we take the initiative to save this country?

Blake Larkins, Diller

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