Sexual abuse of minors is reprehensible wherever it takes place. Most recently, the focus has been on the Catholic Church, especially given Attorney General Doug Peterson's decision to subpoena some 400 Catholic churches and schools regarding any records they may have about such events.

But it is important to see this evil in a wider perspective.

To illustrate, readers might be surprised to know the number of Catholic clergy in Nebraska in the last 12 months who have been charged with crimes associated with sexual abuse of minors is ... zero. By the same token, by our rough survey of media reports, readers may be surprised to know that in the last 12 months the number of public school personnel charged with such crimes in Nebraska is at least eight.

I wonder when Peterson will show us his concern about children in public schools who are sexually abused. He surely knows better than we do the actual number of public school cases of sexual abuse of minors in the Nebraska.

Should not those children also be afforded the protection and vigilance of his office? Should not the records of every public school district in Nebraska, as well as the records of every public school be subpoenaed, as were those of the Catholic schools?

Sexual abuse is not a Catholic problem; it is a cultural problem. The light needs to be shined on it wherever it is found.

Steve and Carol Letts, Lincoln

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