Send immigrants to Lincoln, Mr. Trump

The Trump administration, according to the Washington Post, has proposed releasing immigrants currently held at the southern border into so-called sanctuary cities. While various reasons are given for this action, it is clear that one is to “punish” these cities for their actions in support of immigrants.

Frankly, this sounds like a good idea, not punishment.

Although Lincoln is not a self-declared “sanctuary city,” we have for many years welcomed refugees seeking asylum from brutal conditions in their home countries, as well as immigrants seeking better lives for their families and children.

In addition to giving a generally open-armed reception to these newcomers, Lincoln has helped them become a part of our community. Churches, civic groups, all levels of education, city government and numerous individuals and families have offered assistance learning English, finding homes and jobs and establishing connections to assist them in keeping valued traditions and cultures alive while integrating into a new one.

And as we have helped them heal old wounds and forge new lives, Lincoln has gained from their presence in myriad ways. We have received a welcome infusion of people who value freedom, hard work and community. Their labor fuels our industries, their new businesses bolster our economy, their churches, mosques and temples join ours in matters of faith and community service, their children enliven and enrich our schools. And their cultures broaden and deepen our own.

So, yes, Mr. Trump, send us those tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free. We welcome them.

Roger Holmes, Lincoln

So many taxes, such perfect streets?

A 2013 Journal Star article indicated that the third increase in the wheel tax would provide $16.6 million a year for streets and sidewalks (“Wheel tax increase 3rd in row,” Aug. 26, 2013).

With the new sales tax providing another $13 million annually, Lincoln should have the greatest streets in the state, right?

Donald Fritz, Lincoln

Let’s get delivery trucks off O, too

I am all for drivers not stopping in O Street to pick up or drop off bar patrons (“Finding your ride,” April 12). The city cites concern for other drivers.

To that end, let’s get delivery trucks off O Street. They are there Monday through Friday, often at peak traffic hours. Side streets to O Street would work just as well and cause less hassle for other drivers.

Think about it; delivery trucks park in O Street.

Laird Haberlan, Lincoln

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