Sen. Ben Sasse, 8.08

Sen. Ben Sasse talks with Zach Hunnicutt about his farming operation Thursday near Giltner.

Sen. Ben Sasse, you are beloved by so many people in and out of Nebraska. I implore you to stand up for humans, stand up for our Constitution and stand up for common-sense decency.

Please set aside re-election concerns and stand up for our fellow humans suffering at the border. What Christian wouldn't? Stand up for our planet and the world that we hand off to our young children. Stand up for our Constitution and our right to have a decent human being as president.

I implore you to stop using weak words like "ought" and start giving your honest opinion. You speak for Nebraskans. Don't doubt that your thoughts and opinions are your own; we elected you because of who you are.

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Your opinion is ours. Don't wane because of politics. Speak your heart. Be a voice of reason in a sea of politics and corruption.

I truly believe that you are one of the biggest players in this game, so flip over the chess board and show them that Nebraska, the butt of all the jokes, is the salt of the earth that will save this country.

Diane Marie Rieck, Lincoln

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