Facebook's Papillion data center

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts addresses attendees of the grand opening of Facebook's Papillion Data Center on June 13.

This Monday, on his weekly call-in show, Gov. Pete Ricketts took a call from a man who stated that he homeschooled his children and suggested that Nebraska lower property taxes by reducing or eliminating public education, or "government school," as he called it.

During the ensuing conversation, the governor implied that parents who homeschool love their children more than parents who send their children to public schools. I found his statement to be both personally offensive and dangerous to society.

My parents, like most people, were not qualified to prepare their children for college or the workplace without the aid of others. Because they love my sister and me, they sent us to public schools, where we enjoyed a wider variety of educational and social opportunities than they could have provided us alone.

Without public school, I could not have taken Advanced Placement courses to earn college credits in high school, participated in band and Academic Decathlon or founded my high school's History Club.

Without public school, my sister would likely have never met and befriended a deaf student who inspired her to learn sign language, which ultimately led her to become a teacher for special needs students.

While I'm sure many homeschooling parents do an excellent job, public education is one of the foundations of an intelligent and empathetic society, and it should always be available. I am a homeowner and taxpayer, and I am quite happy to pay my property taxes to support the schools in my neighborhood.

Madeline Hoffer, Lincoln

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