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Highway 30 four-lane groundbreaking

Nebraska Department of Roads Director Kyle Schneweis snaps a "COMING SOON" sign in half Tuesday, signifying the start of work to widen U.S. 30 to four lanes near Schuyler.

Same song, second verse.

Two years ago, after traveling through Kansas, I wrote a letter to the editor ("Focus on roads," Sept. 28, 2015) about the drastically different highway conditions between Kansas and Nebraska. The comment was directed to Gov. Pete Ricketts and his campaign pledge to "grow Nebraska" and "fix our roads and bridges."

Obviously, minimal work has been done to fulfill his promise. This past weekend, I traveled over 650 miles on Kansas highways and marveled, again, how much better shape their highways are than Nebraska's. The notable difference is immediate upon crossing the border.

So, again, I'm asking Gov. Ricketts, "What is being done?" Maybe his time would be better spent governing Nebraska vs. "governing" the Republican Governors Association.

Plenty of issues here in Nebraska need his attention more than accepting a leadership position in that group. His predecessor took time away from Nebraska by accepting a position with the association and left his successor with multiple problems.

"Growing Nebraska" will not be accomplished when a governor is not in the state to lead.

Robert D. Zuehlsdorf, Kearney


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