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Nebraska GOP Vandalized

A broken window greets passers-by outside the Nebraska Republican Party's office in Lincoln on Tuesday. Vandals threw a brick through the window overnight and scrawled the words "ABOLISH ICE" on the sidewalk below it. 

The entire tweet Gov. Pete Ricketts sent referencing the bricks thrown through the Nebraska Republican Party headquarters (“Vandals throw bricks at Lincoln GOP office,” July 4) and placing blame on “open border activists” before further stating “Nebraska Democrats must address this call to lawlessness in their party” must not be allowed to stand unchallenged.

How does Gov. Ricketts know that it was “open border activists” who threw the bricks? What is his factual basis? How does he even know it was a Democrat, as he implied? The idea that Nebraskans would listen to the rhetoric of a California congresswoman is almost as ludicrous as his blame placing.

His tweet is divisive and strictly political. It serves no purpose to bring Nebraskans together. Leaders bring people together.

David L. Foster, Brainard


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