President Donald Trump addresses reporters upon arrival at the White House in Washington on Sunday.

How do you explain to your friends, as well as those here, that being Republican does not automatically mean you support the president? Many of us across the nation did not vote for Donald Trump; we voted against Hillary Clinton. For as not to vote meant essentially voting for Hillary.

But many do not understand the concept. We do not and did not agree with Democratic policies at the time, nor now. So as modern elections turned into contests where you do not vote for -- you vote against -- we held our noses and voted Trump, knowing what we were getting, and that was not Hillary. So mission accomplished.

Today's Democrats and many Republicans can not grasp that. We salute the office, not the man, just as we saluted the rank, not the man, to paraphrase Major Winters, Band of Brothers commander near end of war, to his ex-commander Captain Sobel, another questionable leader, and it was a true event.

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I can disagree with Democratic policies and potential nominees without being for Trump, as many here assume. And many of us wish there was another Republican in the mix in 2020, but you can't always get what you want.

In November 2020, we may be forced to hold our noses again and not vote for the Democratic nominee as we disagree with the policies, not that we like Trump. Yet this is still a concept that radical leftists cannot grasp.

John Stanley, Ceresco

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