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Pothole Truck

LINCOLN, NEB - 01/14/2016 City of Lincoln employee Jesse Hoage sprays an emulsion into the pothole after using a high-powered blower to remove debris on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016, on 70th Street south of Cornhusker Highway. The truck has a hydraulic boom that allows the operator to fill potholes with emulsion and a rock aggregate without getting out of the vehicle. MATT RYERSON/Lincoln Journal Star

Increasing sales tax for street repair is a great idea. That means you can reduce or repeal the wheel tax that’s also for street repair. It would be would be great to revoke the wheel tax.

An article in the Journal Star from August 2013 stated that, at that time, Lincoln already had a higher wheel tax than Omaha ("Wheel tax increase 3rd in row," Aug. 26, 2013).

Are roads more expensive to maintain in Lincoln than in Omaha? Otherwise, you’re saying you need to raise sales taxes along with the existing wheel taxes to maintain the streets.

Please explain why that is. Seems like a duplicate tax to me.

Lincoln already tends to have higher gasoline prices than the entire Omaha metro; maybe you could add some more tax to gasoline in Lincoln, too, to get the trifecta!

That same 2013 article also stated that the wheel tax is generally the second highest of the motor vehicle taxes and fees, behind the state motor vehicle tax, paid by owners of newer cars and trucks every year as part of the registration process, in Lincoln.

Ted Henderson, Lincoln

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