State Capitol

Philosopher and NU alumnus Hartley Burr Alexander's words honoring pioneers inscribed on a north stair buttress at the Nebraska State Capitol.

Responsibility to secure a lasting solution to the problems of property taxes and school funding rests with the office of the governor. He has failed.

He had a chance to solve these issues but instead claimed that the solutions proposed by raising the state sales tax rate, excise taxes on tobacco and alcohol, eliminating some sales tax exemptions and other revenue-raising ideas amounted to a large tax increase. He also stated spending must be reduced.

Previous reductions of prisons, the University of Nebraska system and state school funding have brought us to this point in time. I do not like paying taxes, a necessary evil. But, when I choose to purchase items, I pay sales taxes on them.

I see this not as a tax increase but as a step that must be taken to solve issues that have not been properly addressed for years by Govs. Dave Heineman and Pete Ricketts.

If the citizen initiative to deduct 35% of property taxes from state income tax passes, there will be a great gnashing of teeth.

David L. Foster, Brainard

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