British eco-documentary "Trashed" looks at the destruction created by garbage, including the dumping of waste into oceans.

What happens to all the plastic that is collected at all these recycling centers?

From the looks of things around the world, it appears to be collected, bundled, stored, shipped and then thrown into our oceans and waterways. Other than that, there’s no proof anywhere that much of anything meaningful is being done with it.

Walk through any aisle in any retail store, and notice how many items use plastic containers. Instead of constantly manufacturing new containers, why can’t most of these already existing containers be reused again and again for their same purposes? It seems our world economy is based on waste.

The same idea can be applied to the auto industry. Drive down O Street, and notice how many used car lots sit on either side. Now consider how many new car manufacturers there are around the world. Why not “re-new” all these used cars? So much material in those unused vehicles is being wasted.

All the employees manufacturing new cars can be reassigned to remanufacturing used cars. The same goes for plastics manufacturing, for that matter.

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The issue is the amount of needless waste and choking pollution we produce.

Look at a picture of our Earth in space, objectively. Know that this is it for us. We’ve got nothing else and nowhere else to go. Everything we need to survive is on this planet and nowhere else. When what we have is gone, it’s gone.

Maybe the Earth can survive humans, but can humans?

Dave Bauer, Lincoln

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