Varner Hall

Varner Hall in Lincoln houses the University of Nebraska central administration offices and is the usual meeting site for the Board of Regents. 

The Journal Star's 2018 editorial board agenda stated, “The state’s public schools and land-grant university system have been wildly successful at educating Nebraskans and preparing them for the workforce. Wounding either, particularly to score political points, would weaken the state" ("Editorial board sets 2018 agenda," Feb. 4)

The board then reversed itself last month (“Growing ties between UNO, UNMC could damage UNL," Dec. 9)

Why would an editorial board not only contradict itself (as though a paper has no political clout) but suggest the only way for one campus to advance is at the expense of another? I find it hard to believe their readership would not celebrate the recently renovated UNK Frank House or the Engler Scholars’ work in rural Nebraska. How about the College of Nursing collaboration between UNL, UNK and UNMC or any of the amazing NU institutes?

I’m not a native, but, after 20 years of working for all NU campuses, I am proud to call myself a Nebraskan. I’ve found Nebraskans to be self-effacing, accepting and generous, and Lincolnites are no exception. My tenure has seen four presidents, 11 eleven chancellors -- and leadership has never been stronger.

I was heartened to see the recent article about the world class UNO biomechanics program ("UNO’s biomechanics program flourishes," Jan. 2) and am optimistic this represents a new leaf for the editorial staff.

One can only hope so.

Rebecca Koller, Lincoln

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