Letter, 12/8: No wonder college tuition is so high

Letter, 12/8: No wonder college tuition is so high


A group of Midland University students enrolled to participate in a peaceful protest drawing attention to high college tuition rates Thursday morning on a sidewalk facing 23rd Street in Fremont.

Have you ever wondered why tuition costs at the University of Nebraska are so high? Guess what? The new president is going to get a base salary of $934,600 with bonuses bringing his annual revenue up to $1.2 million.

Not only that, he gets to live, rent free, in an $880,000 home and enjoy free country club membership. Wow, really? Not only that, last week there was an article in the paper about a female professor suing the university because her male colleagues make around $44,000 more a year than she does. Yet, she takes home around $229,000 per year. Again, really?

Guess who gets to pay these ridiculous salaries? The debt-ridden students and their hard working parents, that's who. Dear students and parents, think about this when next you get the tuition bill or amount due on your student loans. Think about the president laughing along his way to the country club as you struggle to make ends meet.

These salary levels are absurd, if not obscene . Yet, it is not only the University of Nebraska, it is the entire university system throughout the U.S. It is time when parents and students say enough!

Anton Inderbitzen, Lincoln


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