Butler County chicken barns

A task force has recommended several changes to Lancaster County's zoning code to deal with large livestock operations like this Costco poultry operation in Butler County.

I'm writing in opposition of the Special Permit No. 19035 the Lancaster County planning board will review Wednesday at 1 p.m.

The eight barns, holding roughly 47,500 chickens per mega-structure in this confined animal-feeding operation, is not only seriously questionable based on its location; it is not in the best interest of Lancaster County residents to house this operation 1 mile from Raymond Central High School.

If we adopted the recommendations of the county's CAFO task force, this operation would not be allowed. So why would anyone consider that this is OK to approve it now when we have already heard our county commissioners agree we need to update these regulations and zoning to safeguard around CAFOs?

Why the rush to approve something that will wind up in court wasting more time and money from taxpayers? And why should the citizens in Lancaster County ultimately pay for an industrial corporation's project that will only degrade our water, air and soil quality, property values, road and bridge infrastructure, not to mention create public health concerns?

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There is a huge opposition growing in protest of the Lincoln Premium Poultry and Costco project. The Nebraska CAFO Moratorium change.org petition has collected more than 1,000 signatures in just a couple weeks.

I am not against agriculture, and this isn't just about chickens. I am asking that no large CAFO application be approved until Lancaster County finishes the updating of the zoning and regulations around all CAFOs.

Let's put the interests of Nebraskans ahead of an industrial corporation!

Melissa Baker, Lincoln

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