Splash Pad Fun, 6.30

Stephon Knox (left) stops to take a drink while his new friend, Solomon Brhel, watches at the Trago Park splash pad on June 30. Temperatures reached the upper 90s that day with a heat index of 105.

I wish the weather people around here -- whether on TV, radio, newspapers, online, etc. -- would stop saying "it's a pleasant day" when the temperature is 90-plus, the humidity is through the roof, there's zero breeze and a cloudless sky causes the sun to burn holes through my eyeballs!

These people must never step foot outside from the months of May through October. They probably think Death Valley weather on a typical summer day is downright gorgeous.

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Nebraska has no pleasant weather days in the summertime. You would need to go to Norway, Sweden or Finland and countries like that to have summer weather fit for human beings. Now I realize how very lucky Eskimos are.

Lou Rybij, Lincoln

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