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2016 Election Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accompanied by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, pauses Wednesday while speaking in New York City, where she conceded her defeat to Republican Donald Trump.

I was somewhat bemused by Dana Milbank's column ("Clinton paved way for Trump," June 6).

As a libertarian, I voted for neither Secretary Hillary Clinton nor President Donald Trump. From a presidential perspective, I couldn't give one whit about either of them.

It's worth noting the degree of hypocrisy demonstrated by the Democratic Party during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The party fully supported President Bill Clinton and did everything possible to destroy Ms. Lewinsky's life -- at which they were entirely successful.

Secretary Clinton herself went on the television circuit to proclaim that the matter was "a vast, right-wing conspiracy." I'd listen to local talk shows in which Democratic callers gleefully announced they'd be happy to give President Clinton oral sex.

President Clinton's assertion that most people sided with him was correct. Polls at the time showed high approval ratings throughout his presidency, much to my disgust.

It's only now -- when the Clintons no longer have a stranglehold on the Democratic Party -- that the party changed its tune.

Secretary Clinton spent most of her campaign actively denigrating those of us in what the coasts insultingly call "flyover country." She held the view that we are hayseed bigots, homophobes, etc., and treated us as such.

You cannot win elections by denigrating voters. You must court them.

William Stone III, Lincoln


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