Paradise fire

Remnants are all that remain of the home of Laurie and Mark Baker, former Lincoln residents who had lived in their ranch home on a cul-de-sac in Paradise, Calif., since 1998. More than 10,000 homes were destroyed in the Nov. 8 Camp Fire and 85 people lost their lives. Hundreds more are still missing.

Professors Rick Edwards and Peter Longo in their Local View ("Let’s be productive, proactive on climate," July 24) took to task the scientific evidence cited in Paul Olson and Tim Rinne’s Local View ("Austerity awaits with no climate action," July 16).

Here are some questions these two columns raise:

* What are climate scientists predicting will happen if global carbon emissions are not reduced by 45% by 2030?

* A form of carbon tax was proposed 10 years ago. What evidence can be cited that we have the political will to impose a carbon tax now?

* Where do Nebraskans and their five elected representatives in Congress stand on a carbon tax and expenditures for infrastructure to mitigate carbon emissions? Didn’t Nebraskans overwhelmingly vote in 2016 for a president who claims climate change is a “Chinese hoax”?

* Why do Americans, who still produce more carbon per capita, believe they can keep the status quo and be exempt from the effects of social and economic disruption when climate change affects the whole planet?

* Are we not already with increasing frequency seeing glimpses of dystopia, from Syria, Yemen, Mozambique, Puerto Rico and Paradise, California?

* Risky as the situation is growing, shouldn’t we be starting now to prepare by reducing consumption?

Ronald Todd-Meyer, Lincoln

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