Missouri River floodwaters reroute traffic through Auburn, 5.31

Traffic is being detoured through Auburn after Missouri River floodwaters closed Interstate 29 late last month. This has led to increased travel times for locals as well as more noise in the area.

Nebraska drivers need to take a lesson from Texas drivers. I've driven the length of Texas several times on toll roads, freeways and secondary roads, and I must say Texas drivers know where they are going and how to get there.

For example: on divided highways, a Texas driver will appear in your mirror, assess all options, change lanes and leave you in their dust. When you appear in their mirror, they don't slow down as a self-appointed vigilante out of some jealous notion that their destination is more important than yours.

On secondary roads Texas drivers who aren't driving as fast as you will pull over, slow down and give you the room you need to proceed. They don't play some cat-and-mouse game, driving faster when you try to pass or driving slower when they know you're getting impatient.

"Like a bat outta hell" is how I describe Texas drivers, but I feel safer and less frustrated driving among them than in Nebraska.

Curtis Downey, Waverly

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