The ACT test is a test given nationally to high school seniors to measure college readiness. Over the last week or so, media have told us that, based upon the 2017 ACT test, Nebraska’s public education system ranks at about average (25th) among the states with an average score of 21.4, only slightly above the national average of 21.0.

But that suggestion is very misleading; in fact, Nebraska’s results are outstanding.

New Hampshire, with the highest average statewide ACT score of 25.5, tests only the top 18 percent of its seniors, so you would expect their average score to be very high. In fact, no state in the top 10 tests more than the top one-third of its seniors. Nebraska tests 84 percent of its seniors.

Among the 22 states that test more than 80 percent, we come in third with an average score of 21.4, behind South Dakota at 21.8 and Minnesota at 21.5 and tied with Illinois.

Based upon these results, we again see Nebraska’s public education system among the top in the nation. We have outstanding public schools and outstanding public school teachers, no matter the punitive and hateful programs forced upon Nebraska by our federal government.

Bert Peterson, Hastings

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