I recently asked the office of one of Nebraska’s members of Congress if he saw illegal immigrants carrying drugs and guns as he observed them crossing the border. I asked the office of another "to tell me nothing" but how a wall stops illegal drugs and immigrants coming into America in vehicles at border crossing and shipping containers.

I got pages of exclusive BS ignoring the question. Yes, it's a controversial question, but I don’t have a congressional member to ask and receive an actual answer.

Now we find the Director of National Intelligence's inspector general having determined a whistleblower complaint credible and troubling, ordered to violate American law and not give this information to Congress.

By American officials superior to him in government. In this United States of America.

I don’t feel like I have a representative in Congress, good people though I think they and most of us Nebraskans are. Turning there is proving dangerously meaningless.

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House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff apparently will have to sue attempting to get simple compliance with rule of law. In America! If all is well, why disobey the law?

It doesn’t need to be made public. Both parties may leak from the House committee. Apologies to Republicans who aren’t, but a lot of Republicans seem proud of the 12,000-plus lies (counted by the Washington Post) President Trump has told.

Point is, can the press find out if I can join the House chairman in that suit in a Class Action manner? You have rule of law, or you lose it.

Herbert Abrams, Lincoln

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