Medical Marijuana Petition

A volunteer in Omaha collects signatures for a petition to place a medical marijuana measure on the Nebraska 2020 ballot. The draft Nebraska ballot measure would guarantee a constitutional right to use and grow marijuana if a doctor recommends it with no restrictions on what diseases qualify. It would only ban smoking the drug in public places. If voters approve it in the 2020 general election, patients would be free to grow an "adequate" supply. 

The last session of the Unicameral saw another medical cannabis bill fail to pass. Thus, another year goes by where thousands of sick and suffering Nebraskans are left to ask why.

Polling shows an overwhelming number of Nebraskans support this issue, and yet politicians continue to thwart the will of the people. As a result, the people are using the power of the petition to get the issue on the ballot. Support for the petition has been phenomenal.

An opposition group, the Nebraska chapter of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, headed by former Sen. John Kuehn, has spent at least $68,000 on radio ads across the state. In a recent article, Kuehn said the money was spent on education and had nothing to do with the ballot initiative ("Ads warn of marijuana’s dangers," June 8).

According to FCC filings for ads run in Kearney, that’s not the case. When asked what issue the group was requesting station time for, the response on the application was "2020 ballot initiative."

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We all know the opposition includes Gov. Pete Ricketts and Attorney General Doug Peterson, plus current and former GOP leaders, such as Kay Orr and Tom Osborne. They will stop at nothing to ensure that the people of Nebraska don’t get the chance to vote on this very important issue.

Please don’t let them get their way -- get registered, find a petition circulator and sign the petition.

Dominic Gillen, Bellevue

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