Campaign 2016 Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives in Pittsburgh in November 2016 to attend a rally.

The joke goes something like this: Hitler, Alexander the Great and Napoleon gathered in Red Square to watch a Soviet May Day parade.

Hitler states if he’d known the Soviets were so powerful, he’d have never attacked Russia. Alexander says if he’d had such an army, he would have conquered the world. Napoleon muses that if he had a newspaper as obedient as Pravda, no one would have known about Waterloo.

The relevancy? Except for a few news outlets that remain true to their core calling, our media is a propaganda extension of the political ideology prevalent in their boardrooms. Consumed with Trump impeachment mania, the media ignores its obligation to investigate corruption of those they support.

The Speaker of the House announces an impeachment inquiry before she’s armed with facts, and the press uncritically supports her. Facts, don't you know, are inconsequential as it is the allegation that most matters.

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Meanwhile, the matter of Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server she used with the president and others on matters highly classified is ignored. The FBI’s use of intelligence operatives (spies) to gather information on a political campaign, predicated on now proven lies provided by a foreign intelligence operative using Russian supplied intelligence, gets a yawn from the media.

As Jonathan Gruber, the health care architect, reminded us, those in charge count on the stupidity of the American electorate. To that end, the media are doing what it can to promote the electorate’s ignorance. No one is to know about the progressives' Waterloo.

Jerris Cummings, Lincoln

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