Sen. John McCollister

Sen. John McCollister of Omaha

State Sen. John McCollister should be congratulated for speaking the truth. People should publicly and privately do so, although the Republican Party says he should leave the party.

Meanwhile, Gov. Pete Ricketts congratulates President Trump for reading some speech, undoubtedly written by someone else, denouncing racist behavior. When the president supports those who display racist behavior, the party says nothing until one brave legislator does what our congressional delegation failed to do -- to check or balance the unacceptable behavior of this president.

President Trump supports racist behavior, although he fooled a lot of people by reading a few words from a script he was handed. He disrespects military heroes like John McCain and Gold Star families but won Nebraska in the last election.

Although he displayed lots of bad character before the 2016 election, Nebraskans voted for him. Many Nebraskans still support someone who repeatedly lies and brags about grabbing women.

He enacts tariffs harmful to farmers, forcing them to accept government payments, but many support him. Farmers who complain about paying too much in taxes now take taxpayer money to replace income they would have earned if the president had not made it impossible to sell products to other countries.

If the majority of Nebraskans continue to support a president who admits he doesn’t like to read, tells sitting congressional representatives to leave the country and is in the gutter if you consider character, I question the validity of Nebraska nice or Nebraska smart!

Gary Heusel, Lincoln

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