Sen. John McCollister

Nebraska state Sen. John McCollister listens to debate on the floor of the Legislature last year.

Nebraska State Sen. John McCollister’s courageous act of denouncing and demanding an end to Trump’s divisive race-baiting and derogatory language, and the Nebraska Republican Party’s immediate, startling condemnation of his honest and accurate denunciation, as well as its demand he sever all ties with the party, have put in relief the real problem facing all Americans of goodwill living in our state and across the country.

There is a swamp in American politics, and it’s called the Republican Party.

Here in Nebraska, the swamp creatures, sadly, are all members of the state’s congressional delegation. Trump’s vile, dangerous language, a language most recently leading to the murder of innocent El Paso Americans and Mexicans, apparently doesn’t bother them, nor does their appearance of being complicit in that linguistic terrorism, the result of their continued politically motivated, cowardly silence.

Members of our congressional delegation were voted into office, for better or for worse, to go to Washington to work for the people of the state, not to go there to do the bidding of corporations or to sit on their hands each time one of Trump’s “American carnage” tragedies occurs and only shed crocodile tears.

The writing is now on the wall, and every Nebraskan — and for that matter, every American — of goodwill needs to become a Daniel to vote out of office our Belshazzar president and all of the do-nothing politicians who, through their continued acts of omission, have made a mockery of democracy, and, in so doing, imperiled us all.

Liam O. Purdon, Lincoln

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