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Sasse and Beutler, 11/08

Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler (center) talks with people following a speech by Sen. Ben Sasse last week during a Lincoln Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the Country Club of Lincoln. 

Just before the people of Lincoln went to the polls to vote on term limits for Lincoln's mayor, one of the proponents of the measure claimed on the radio the ballot initiative was for the betterment of our city government and nothing against our current mayor. Then, he recited several things he did not like about Mayor Chris Beutler.

It was obvious Republicans could not beat Mayor Beutler in an election, so they came up with a plan to prevent him from running again.

This initiative was unfair on many levels. First, Mayor Beutler was not allowed to run for another term after this measure passed, though our state senators were allowed to when term limits were imposed upon them. Second, why were there not term limits placed on the City Council as well? Jon Camp has been on the council longer than Beutler has been mayor, but Republicans wanted to protect him.

Say what you want about Mayor Beutler, but his progressive foresight led Lincoln from the 20th century into the 21st, making it a great city in which to live. Under his leadership, many amenities have been protected and upgraded, such as schools, roads, libraries, parks, bike paths and police and fire protection.

Several major projects were also developed under his leadership. These include the Antelope Valley Project -- which prevented flooding downtown -- Pinnacle Bank Arena and the Railyard district.

Many criticized Beutler, claiming a new arena wasn't needed. However, the arena brought in many acts that never would have come to Lincoln otherwise. Also, many restaurants, hotels and shops have located in the Railyard -- not to mention businesses such as Olsson and Associates and Hudl -- creating a vibrant area on nights and weekends.

I hope Lincoln elects a new mayor with the same foresight to continue what Mayor Beutler achieved.

John Votta, Lincoln

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