Faithful release balloons during a Mass for peace Saturday in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, marking the one week anniversary of a shooting that killed 22 at a Walmart in El Paso. Authorities say the man accused of carrying out last weekend's deadly mass shooting confessed to officers that he had been targeting Mexicans.

I find it troubling that the bodies of the victims in the El Paso and Dayton were barely cold before politicians and activists sought to use the shooting to advance their agendas.

Opponents of President Trump were quick to blame him for the shootings in El Paso because the shooter included hateful comments about immigrants in his crazed manifesto. If Donald Trump is to blame for El Paso, however, then Elizabeth Warren is to blame for Dayton because the shooter in Dayton supported her agenda and her candidacy.

But the best proof that the political blame game is pure nonsense is that none of the politicians and activists have explained which politician’s rhetoric was responsible for the 55 shootings in Chicago over the very same weekend as the shootings In El Paso and Dayton.

John P. Lenich, Lincoln

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